About Us

Together we go Far

MacroScope Studios was founded on a realization that we are not machines. We are more like gardens. We need different things on different days. A little shade today. A bit more water tomorrow. We have seasons that are fruitful. Seasons that are fallow. This is not a design flaw. This is wiser than perpetual sameness.

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This Realization Led us to Develop Our Ethos

We believe All people are capable of greatness and beauty...

We believe that if you get people together away from their daily distractions for a day or two and give them beautiful, functional spaces, an experienced facilitator, and delicious food and drink...

We believe you can change the trajectory of your business, your program, your team, or your project...and achieve balanced outcomes and beautiful things....

We believe that people are like gardens.

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This Ethos was not developed overnight

In fact, it was developed over years of experience, working with and for Fortune 200 companies, leading teams, facilitating innovation efforts, and seeing what drove teams to success and what didn’t. That deep experience has helped mold our approach to leading teams and inspired us to create MacroScope Studios.

Treating ourselves, our companies, and teams like gardens means learning how moments of calm, stillness, and reflection can lead to beautiful business results. Wise leaders with whom we’ve worked over the years made these moments happen consistently. That wisdom was passed to us.

We believe that for all teams to stay connected and deliver on their goals, they need to develop and enrich personal connections, and connections to the company they choose to work for. We know how to do this. We’d love to talk to you about how we can amplify those connections in your team.

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The Inspiration Behind Our Name

There is a phenomenon in astrophysics called quantum entanglement that occurs when two separate entities become strongly linked in a way that cannot be explained by classical physics. By eliminating fine scale details through a macroscopic system and lens, these entanglements become easier to spot and help us understand the what is around us better. In business, decisions and misalignment can lead to entanglements that prevent us from achieving our goals.

We chose the name MacroScope Studios because we help our clients see the entanglements in their business that may be preventing their teams from achieving harmony and balanced outcomes.

MacroScope Studios Leaders

Headshot of Melati Lee

Melati Lee

Founder + Chief Executive Officer

Melati started designing simple tools for herself back in the late 1900s to make her financial and actuarial analyst jobs easier. She then discovered the joy of sharing those tools and coded solutions with her teammates in workshops so they could all go to happy hour at 4pm. The solutions got more complicated and the workshops got bigger until she moved from building solutions, to building and scaling Product Management organizations, which she most recently did at DaVita, leading Product Management, Product Operations, and Business Analysis teams. Throughout Melati’s entire career, she found that facilitating collaborative sessions was a force multiplier in getting stuff done, and also her most favorite days at work – which led her to come up with the concept of making every day her favorite day at MacroScope Studios.

When she’s not designing kick-ass sessions for her clients, you can find her learning new 80’s power ballads on the piano or cooking her favorite Indonesian dishes for her family.