Why MacroScope Studios

The Way We Work Has Changed Forever

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As "work from anywhere" and distributed teams have become the norm, the need for teams to gather in person to collaborate, create, and make important decisions together regularly is more important than ever.

A record

48 million

quit their jobs in 2021

-Willis Towers Watson

In 2022

44% of

are job seekers

-Willis Towers Watson

88% of
job seekers

want flexibility in when
and where they work

-Citrix Work 2035 Project

Post Covid,

45% of

will either work
remotely or hybrid

-WHF Research

Our Approach to Offsites is a Little Different. . .

Our approach is based on radical kindness, respecting each other, and acknowledging the cycles and constraints of things beyond our control. Communities flourish where love exists, and our approach is rooted in the concept that celebrating individuality should lead to amplifying our neighbors. In other words, we want to know what makes you “YOU”, and how that can make all of us better.

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Our Sessions

You come to us with raw brilliance and we customize
a session to help you shape it and get it down.

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Business Design

  • North Star/Visioning for a company, a functional area, or your latest initiative
  • Strategy Development
  • Annual Strategic Planning
  • High-Level Decision-Making
  • Business Process Mapping and Redesign
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Product Design

  • Ideation sessions to help organize and prioritize your team's great ideas
  • Planning sessions to keep your team informed and aligned
  • Creative problem-solving when you run into a jam
  • Developing roadmaps and indentifying guideposts to keep your team directionally in step
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Vibe Design

  • Cultivate your team's ability to deepen relationships
  • Help teams agree on what to expect from one another
  • Use shout-outs and inspirational moments to create special events that your teams look forward to in monthly and quarterly sessions

Are you and your team ready to vibe with us?