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All Teams Need to Stay
Connected to Deliver on Goals

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Developing and enriching personal and professional connections is important. No matter where your team sits or how your team works today, MacroScope Studios can help strengthen your team’s ability to execute on goals through face-to-face collaborative offsites.

How can we help your team?

The Environment
Drives the Strategy

The success of your business often comes down to how your leadership team sets and communicates strategy. MacroScope Studios designs our leadership offsites to set teams and organizations up for success. Look, leadership teams are busy. They’re constantly pulled in multiple directions. We intentionally design our leadership offsites to deliver value while being efficient with your executive team’s time.

Custom-designed for
leadership teams

  • Our sessions are crafted so that your functional leaders can align on the “Why” together
  • We build an experience and environment that allows teams to work together to turn that “Why” into a strategy.
  • We document your strategy, key pillars, and a high-level tactical plan.
  • Your leadership team will leave our session committed to an actionable plan that they can easily socialize across their organizations.

Decentralized. Hybrid.
Co-located. Distributed.

No matter how you say it, teams are working differently now. There will be teams with members sitting all over the country, some all over the world. And you know as well as we do that video conferencing doesn’t always cut it. There needs to be a balance.

Face to Face. Together.

MacroScope Studios helps organizations navigate this new era of work by designing offsites that bring your teams together.

  • We provide a custom-designed experience and environment that delivers meaningful face to face time that all teams need in order to feel connected.
  • Our team leads creative problem-solving and relationship strengthening sessions that are most powerful when done away from daily distractions.
  • We design a show flow that leaves your team feeling connected & energized, ready to take on whatever is next together.

Product management is the ultimate team game.

Whether the charge is to go from 0 - 1, digitally transform legacy products, or planning feature sets for an existing product, product teams need in-person time.   And when a product team is aligned on a mission (or 3 or 4), beautiful things can happen.  We’ve seen product teams miss great solution design, or worse yet, not ship critical solutions because of misalignment. MacroScope Studios has developed proprietary content and session show-flows culled over decades of industry-agnostic training, forged in high-stakes field implementation, and refined through relentless postmortem analysis and debate.

Product teams work best when they are learning from each other.

We’ve lived and breathed product. We can be an asset to your team as they navigate a challenging product landscape. Our offsites are designed to meet the unique needs of Product, while taking the burden of planning, organizing, facilitating, and documenting the offsite off your plate.

That's why at MacroScope Studios:

  • Your teams’ ceremonies remain sacred.
  • We create an atmosphere that leads to open communication and collaboration.
  • We make Product all about “the conversation” for your team.
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We offer customizable programs
to fit your team and budget.

Reach out to learn how we can design the right offsite for your team.