Cropped shot of coworkers using sticky notes on a glass wall during a meeting

Make it Productive: 5 Reasons to Meet In Person

By Steve Koch - August 25, 2022

These are five scenarios that are appropriate for in-person meetings, or, of course, offsites. When you find yourself in one of these situations, not only will an in-person gathering be valuable to you and your organization, your team will find value in it as well.

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Radical Kindness through cofeee

Does Radical Kindness Lead to Healthier Teams and Beautiful Outcomes?  Yeah.  We Think So. 

By Melati Lee-Parker - August 18, 2022

Radical kindness, the way we practice it, is rooted in acknowledging constraints. In a way, constraints are boundaries. When we speak about boundaries, we recognize how people like to be treated. When people are treated with radical kindness, the yield is a quiet love. A soft re-commitment to reciprocate in kind. And love, at home or in the office or in your schools and communities, looks a lot like creativity and joy.

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Two people brainstorming in an inspiring location.

Virtual Killed the Creative Star: Why In-Person Meetings Drive the Best Solutions

By Steve Koch - August 12, 2022

We got into the virtual life. We started to think we might not need to meet in person anymore. But now, we’ve learned that virtual environments can stifle creativity and complex communication.

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Product and the HiPPO in the Room

By Melati Lee-Parker - August 3, 2022

What is Influence Management? Hopefully, at this point, we can all agree that Product as a discipline isn’t just one thing.  It’s not just listening to your customers.  It’s not just optimizing dev spend.  It’s not just the newest design standard.  It’s definitely NOT just a feature factory. In my experience, developing digital products has…

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