Product Teams

Product management is the ultimate team game.

Whether the charge is to go from 0 - 1, digitally transform legacy products, or planning feature sets for an existing product, product teams need time together to understand the mission.  And when a product team is aligned on mission (or 3 or 4) it can be a beautiful thing.  Product teams who don’t have a shared understanding of the mission run the risk of missing great solution design, and worse yet, not shipping critical solutions. MacroScope Studios has developed proprietary content and session show-flows culled over decades of industry-agnostic training, forged in high-stakes field implementation, and refined through relentless postmortem analysis and debate.


In this era of distributed and hybrid workforces, getting product teams together in-person will be critical to the success of product initiatives.

The team at MacroScope Studios has lived and breathed product and can be an asset as teams navigate the challenging product landscape. Because of this, we design offsites for your teams that meet the unique needs of product, while taking the burden of planning, organizing, facilitating, and documenting the offsite off your plate.

We know that product teams work best when they are learning from each other.

That's why at MacroScope Studios we ensure that:

Your teams’ ceremonies remain sacred.

We create an atmosphere that leads to open communication and collaboration.

We make product all about the conversation for your team.

We follow up on retrospectives for you.

We offer customizable programs to fit your team and budget. Reach out to MacroScope Studios today to learn how we can design the right offsite for your team

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