Hybrid and Distributed Teams

COVID-19 disrupted the way organizations work and many of the resulting changes are becoming permanent.

Through the pandemic, people started to see the benefits of virtual work, including increased flexibility, less commute time, expanded work/life balance, and more. And, as finding the right talent has become more challenging than ever, organizations are adapting. As of today, it is expected that less than 50% of businesses will require their employees to come back to the office as they did pre-pandemic.


While this new era of work will meet many needs of employees, new, significant challenges will emerge. There will be teams with members sitting all over the country, some all over the world. And, as many have learned, video conferencing, while convenient and economical, is not a substitute for in-person gatherings. A recent study of the pandemic work environment by Microsoft noted that “...the shift to less ‘rich’ communication media may have made it more difficult for workers to convey and process complex information” while another study in Nature found that in-person meetings generate more ideas – and more creative ones – compared to video conferencing.

Face to Face Together.

MacroScope Studios helps organizations navigate this new era of work by designing offsites that bring your distributed and hybrid teams together. We custom-design our offsites to meet the needs of your unique team, to ensure that the time spent together is productive, valuable and fun.

We provide an experience and environment that delivers meaningful face to face time that all teams need to feel connected.

Our team leads creative problem solving and relationship strengthening sessions that are most powerful when done away from daily distractions.

We design a show flow that makes sure the team leaves aligned on what goals they need to accomplish, and an agreement on how they will do it.

We offer customizable programs to fit your team and budget. Reach out to MacroScope Studios today to learn how we can design the right offsite for your team

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