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Cropped shot of coworkers using sticky notes on a glass wall during a meeting

Make it Productive: 5 Reasons to Meet In Person

By Steve Koch - August 25, 2022

These are five scenarios that are appropriate for in-person meetings, or, of course, offsites. When you find yourself in one of these situations, not only will an in-person gathering be valuable to you and your organization, your team will find value in it as well.

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Two people brainstorming in an inspiring location.

Virtual Killed the Creative Star: Why In-Person Meetings Drive the Best Solutions

By Steve Koch - August 12, 2022

We got into the virtual life. We started to think we might not need to meet in person anymore. But now, we’ve learned that virtual environments can stifle creativity and complex communication.

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Person in a lonely conference room in a meeting without prupose.

How to Ensure You Are Meeting with Purpose

By Steve Koch - August 1, 2022

Offsite meetings are vital for teams to get together, connect, build culture, and solve their most complex challenges. But an offsite meeting without a specific objective and plan can be costly.

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Potted Plant with Laptop in Background

Working Remotely: What We’ve All Learned So Far 

By Steve Koch - July 13, 2022

In late 2018, someone on my team came to me with what I thought at the time was an unusual idea:  She wanted to reset her schedule to work two days in the office and three days at home each week. My initial reaction was basically “No way!” I wondered how we would collaborate, what…

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